Sonnet 18

Shakespeare uses a metophor to develop a theme mostly about love in Sonnet 18. He compares his lave to the summer, but he talks more about what makes them different. He says, ” and summer’s lease hath all too short a date ” which means summer is too short. Which her love is her heart goes on forever and thats why he loves her.


Is a 4-year college degree valuable?

Some people may say that going to college for a 4-year degree is a waste of time.  Even though you could become wealthy with or without a bachelors degree, it’s still very important and valuable. A four-year degree is valuable because it helps a person earn more money, the best jobs require a college degree, and students from low-income families benefit the most from college.

Having a bachelor’s degree will help you get paid more than an average person without it.  When it comes to how much money one can make in a lifetime, the average college graduate will earn 61 percent more over a 40-year working life than a high school graduate.  The reason behind why college graduates will get paid more is because you have a higher education than a high school graduate.

There are plenty of other ways to live wealthy or even rich without a 4-year degree.  But most jobs require you to have a college degree. Someone who has a higher education will most likely get employed before you. In the text, it says, “Perhaps, but it’s also worth remembering that their companies are bursting with college graduates”. This means that you have to have a college degree to work at places like Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. Even though the people that own them are college dropouts, a person still needs a college degree to work for them.

Children from low-income families gain more by going to college than children of the wealthy lose by not going. In the text, it states, “Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution found that without a college degree, only 14 percent of Americans from the bottom fifth of parental income reach the top two-fifths. But if they complete college, 41 percent of this same group can then expect to make it to the top two-fifths”. This means that college raises the chances that a child from a poor family will become wealthy.

In conclusion, college is most definitely valuable and not a waste of time. Some people still believe it is a waste of time, however. People think its a waste of time because it’s a lot of work that will not be helpful in life. Also, people who are uneducated about the actual worth of a bachelors degree from college. These people are incorrect. They are incorrect because Bachelors degree will help you get paid more than an average employee. It will also help you get a better job. Finally, it helps children from low-income families grow.

Coming Of Age

See me cry

See me undertrain false information that was never explained

See the joy behind my drowning eyes

See me do bad and good while haters hate not knowing they motivate

See the features on my face change

See the way I mature like grass growing through concrete

See me meeting new people

See the length and my width get bigger

See the knowledge of my brain expand

See the skin on my body get even more tan

See the truth of who I really am